Geriatric Pet Care

We here at Belcrest Animal Clinic our passionate about geriatric care and want to assist you in giving your family member the best, most comfortable care possible. Our canine and feline family members age at a faster pace than their human counterparts. Annual exams, blood work, urine and fecal screenings, as well as other diagnostics become more important as our family members age.

Some changes to be aware of as your pet ages:

  • Exercise tolerance or intolerance
  • Difficulty in rising or in lying down
  • Appetite increase or decrease
  • Water consumption increase or decrease
  • Frequency of urination or defecation
  • Behavioral changes
  • Development of new lumps, bumps or other skin and coat changes
  • Trouble with vision such as running into objects or difficulty negotiating stairs

If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s medical or emotional health, please make an appointment to discuss these with one of our knowledgeable veterinarians. Our goal, as your veterinary team, is to identify and emphasize the changes that occur in the aging process. We know that early identification and treatment of health-related issues provide the best possible outcome for treatment and cure. Senior care is crucial for our aging family and Belcrest Animal Clinic is dedicated to working with you to provide an individually designed veterinary plan that will fit your family members health.